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How to get more retweets


How To Get More Retweets:  Seven Easy Tips
By John Singelman

Would you like to get more retweets? Of course, you want more retweets. Retweets often lead to more web traffic, more followers, and increases your twitter presence. Most people find it difficult to get retweets every day.  It's not hard to get retweeted or increase your retweets if you follow these seven easy tips.

1.  Pin Your Tweets
Pinning a tweet allows you to place your best content at the top of your profile page for as long as you’d like.  So, every time someone visits your profile page they will see your best tweet, and hopefully retweet or like it.

2.  Use Hashtags
Using Hashtags is a good way to increase your exposer on Twitter.  Just in case you don’t know, Hashtags are keywords you add to your tweet with a # sign before them.  Hashtags automatically become a clickable link when you tweet it, so when other twitter users click them they can view more tweets about the keyword topic, and hopefully see your tweet.

Don’t use too many hashtags in a tweet, two or three hashtags is find.  I like to add my hashtags at the end of the tweet, makes it easier to read.  I recommend researching hashtags, enter them into the twitter search to see how many are listed, also check out other users to see what hashtags they are using.

3.  Add Tweet Buttons to Your Blog Posts
Add tweet buttons to your blog posts, this will increase your twitter exposer by making it easy for people to share your tweets.  To learn how to install Twitter buttons go to Twitter’s Developer site.

4.  Add Images to You Tweets
Use images to make your tweets stand out in the twitter feed.  Adding an image to your tweets will get you more clicks, favorites, and retweets.  Images are easy to create with
Online image tools like Canva and PicMonkey make it easy to create great looking images.
Sure, it will take a little extra effort to add images to your tweets, but it's worth to get more twitter exposer.  You don't need to add images to every tweet. But, you should absolutely add them to your best content tweets.

5.  Tweet Success and Motivational Quotes
Tweeting success and motivational quotes is an easy way to get retweets.
You may get a few retweets with text quotes but, image quotes do a lot better.
I always add hashtags to the end of the quote, such as #Quote  #SuccessQuotes #Motivation.  Check out other twitter quotes to see what hashtags they are using.
6.  Tweet Your Best Content Multiple Times. 
Tweets have a very short lifespan in the twitter feed.  Most of your followers won’t see your tweet the first time.  Twitter no longer allows posting the exact tweet more than once so, you will need to change your tweet wording.  I also recommend using different hashtags.  I like to space my follow up tweets the next day at a different time.  Also, if your received retweets from older tweets, tweet them again.
Also, retweet your most popular tweets again, these tweets received retweets before, and they will probably get retweeted again.

7.  Best Times to Tweet
Timing is everything when posting your tweet.  Obviously, you want to tweet when most of your followers on twitter.  To find out the best time to tweet use these two free analytic tools:  
Follower Wonk
Go to Follower Wonk’s site and log in using your Twitter account.  Now click on Analyze tab (at top of page) and add your Twitter profile and select option “Analyse.  Make sure the drop-down menu is set to "Analyze Users They Follow". 
The free Tweriod analysis This report refers to the last 1000 of your followers and will be generated according to the time zone you have on your profile.


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