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How to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

By John Singelman

In this article, I will show you how I use Twitter to drive traffic to my blog.  I have been using Twitter for years to promote my blog posts, and I have developed a simple three-step method to drive traffic to my blog using Twitter. This method will increase your blog traffic and increase your Twitter followers, retweets and impressions. Just follow my simple three-step formula to drive traffic to your blog.


1. Pin your latest or most popular tweet. Pinning your tweet will increase your blog traffic.

Here’s how to pin a tweet:
Open up your Twitter Profile Page.
Click on your tweets.
Choose Tweet you would like to Pin.
Click on the down arrow upper right corner.
Select “Pin to your profile page”.
The Tweet will not automatically appear at the top of Page. Refresh page to see your pinned tweet.

2. Use Social Media Exchanges to retweet your Pinned tweet. This will make your tweet look popular and should get you more retweets, and more traffic to your blog.  Social Media Exchange Sites give you points to view websites, follow, retweet, and like other user accounts.  You can use these points to buy retweets for your pinned tweet.   

Here are three good Social Media Exchange sites:





3. Tweet at least ten times a day or more, make sure you include at least 3 hashtags in your tweet. If you don’t have ten tweets of your own, then tweet other blog articles related to your blog. Don’t retweet their tweets, instead, go to their blog and use their share button, if they don’t have a Twitter share button then copy their blog post title and URL, and add three hashtags to the end of their tweet. Adding hashtags to the tweet is very important. People search for hashtags keywords on twitter so this will increase your tweet views and drive more traffic to your blog.

Follow these three steps and you will see a huge increase in your blog traffic and twitter followers.

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